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، فكلما ارتفع سعر الدولار ارتفع سعر الذهب والعكس صحيح، وثاني عامل.. إنها نفس الدوافع وراء كل الفقاعات المالية التي تحققت في العالم على مر تاريخه، ولكن المشكلة أن المضاربين ذوي ذاكرة قصيرة، أو لا يرغبون في أن يوقظهم أحد من الوهم الذي يعيشون فيه..

بهذه المواصفات، كل ما هو مطلوب لشكل ما من أشكال الأموال لكي يصبح ذا قيمة هو الثقة به وتبنيه.. أو نظاماً غير رسمي يجمع و يوزع المعلومات عبر..

ويسمى بحالته الطبيعية قبل الضرب ب التبر.. مهارات كيف تكون قائد فريق كرة القدم في مدرستك؟ معتقدات وظواهر قصص الفضائيين : كيف نعرف الحقيقة من الخيال منها ؟ الصحة النفسية الابتسامة والضحك : كيف يؤثر الضحك على الحالة النفسية للشخص ؟ تعليم وتواصل أهمية الثقة بالنفس وإظهار ثقتك بنفسك : كيف تبدو واثقا بنفسك.... وبحسب وسائل الاعلام، فانه حتى لو كان جيتس يعتمد فقط على أسهم مايكروسوفت فإنها ستجعله داخل قائمة فوربس، لكن في ترتيب منخفض، لأن 11.4 مليار دولار تجعله يماثل لوكاس والتون، أحد مالكي وول مارت في المركز 120، بل وسيتجاوز إريك شميدت، الذي لايزال في المركز 121 من القائمة المذكورة.. هل من سيضع مليارات في هذه العقارات حمار حتى يشتري كي يخسر؟ من الوقاحة والغباء ان ناس ماهي عارفة تأكل نفسها تعلق على قرارات حيتان مالية..

ونجح سيرج من خلال التركيز على فرص التداول ذات أعلى الاحتمالات في تعظيم ربحيته الكلية وتقليل مستويات التوتر والتذبذب.. إقرأ المزيد اسعار الذهب تنخفض متأثرة بضغوط علي الدولار واليورو في انتظار قرار للمركزي الأمريكي فى: اخبار الذهب


A special message from the Cleveland Pools Trustees - 20 January 2018


Following the decision of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to turn down the Stage 2 application for funding to restore the Cleveland Pools in Bath, the trustees of the project have met with representatives of the HLF to discuss the reasons behind this decision. The meeting, held on 11th January, was encouraging, with the Heritage Lottery Fund confirming that they consider the approved plans set out a really strong foundation for the future of the Pools. This has given the Cleveland Pools Trust cause for optimism as it continues with its efforts to revive the historic pools for swimming and recreation for the people of Bath and beyond. Outstanding issues need to be resolved by the Cleveland Pools Trust but both they and the Heritage Lottery Fund believe that this can be done satisfactorily along with the full cooperation and commitment of Bath & North East Somerset Council (B&NES). The Cleveland Pools Trust will now work with the Heritage Lottery Fund to resolve existing issues, and submit a new project application. This reprieve has been welcomed by the Cleveland Pools Trust’s new Chairman Paul Simons who has been with the project for five years. He succeeds Ann Dunlop who, after 13 years in the role, will become the Trust’s Honorary President while remaining an active trustee.

Ann Dunlop says: “The Heritage Lottery Fund have indicated they will work with the Cleveland Pools Trust to submit another application for the restoration scheme which got full planning approval by B&NES last year. We remain committed to achieving the project’s aims and will work tirelessly to bring this to fruition as quickly as possible”.

Paul Simons says: “The Cleveland Pools Trust has been delighted with the re-affirmation of support for the project from its many hundreds of enthusiasts: local residents and volunteers, swimmers, families and schools, heritage campaigners, and those who have pledged to support the project financially. We are determined to work with them to achieve a truly remarkable and unique facility”.

Nerys Watts, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund South West, says: “We’ve supported the Cleveland Pools Trust over the last three years to find a solution for this complex site’s needs, and recognise the huge amount of work that the Trust has carried out. Cleveland Pools is a special and significant part of our heritage, with a clear need for restoration, and we will continue to work with the Cleveland Pools Trust to develop a new project application, and resolve the outstanding issues.”

The Cleveland Pools is the country’s only surviving Georgian lido, hidden away in Bath, on the banks of the River Avon. Once a welcome respite from the heat of the city in the summer, Cleveland Pools was a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike until it closed in 1984. The Cleveland Pools Trust (CPT) is determined to bring these wonderful baths back to life again.

If restored, Bath would be home to the world’s first naturally treated, heated, outdoor swimming pool, depicted in the images below. 

Public Appeal - Until we are able to communicate the details of our revised plan we are not looking for cash donations at this stage (although we hope this will change in the next few weeks) but we welcome pledges to demonstrate even further the support we have from the community. 

Register for our newsletter and we will keep you up to date with all major developments. 

One of our visitors says: "a quiet treasure of historical leisure" - Graham Gibbs