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The Cleveland Pools is the country’s only surviving Georgian lido, hidden away in Bath, on the banks of the River Avon. Once a welcome respite from the heat of the city in the summer, Cleveland Pools was a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike until it closed in 1984. The Cleveland Pools Trust (CPT) is determined to bring these wonderful baths back to life again, with your help.

If restored, Bath would be home to the world’s first naturally treated, heated, outdoor swimming pool, depicted in the images below. 

Public Appeal - Should our latest bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund be successful, The Cleveland Pools Trust currently needs to raise £141k in partnership funding to meet the total delivery costs of the project. Please click here for further detail, and to find out how to support our appeal 

Opening Target Date - April 2020 - if our partnership funding target is achieved. 

Register for our newsletter and we will keep you up to date with all major developments. 

One of our visitors says: "a quiet treasure of historical leisure" - Graham Gibbs