Upcoming Events  

FRINGE ARTS BATH (FaB) at the Cleveland Pools: 27-29 May & 3/4 June (10am - 6pm) &10/11 June (10am - 3pm)

Do come along to another sight-and-sound exhibition at the Cleveland Pools, this time over three consecutive weekends.

Entitled 'Primordial Soup', artist Laura Denning is back to participate and curate as she brings together 11 other artists whose work considers how humans and other species relate to water, often from an ecological and geopolitical perspective. All the work is presented digitally, with one-off performances stirring up the programme. www.fringeartsbath.co.uk/primordial 

nb: There is NO PARKING at the pools so please refer to our 'Contact/Find Us' page for the best way too get here. 

'In Search of Water' - Sally E Dean

Artist Laura Denning 

BATH BOULES in Queen Square - Sunday 11th June 2017

For the first time, Cleveland Pools will be playing. We have teamed up with Savills Bath who are kindly supporting our marketing remit, having already been a huge support throughout our 2015 Bicentenary celebrations. We may not qualify to benefit from the overall proceeds, but this will be a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about the Cleveland Pools.

So, nos amis!, do come and support us any time from 10.30am and soak up the atmosphere created by all the fun-loving teams. Last year over £41,000 was raised for charity so this is an event in which we are proud to be involved. 

"BOULES FOR THE POOLS", comprises trustees and Savills staff, but anyone is welcome to try their hand.